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Global Community Enrichment (GCE) delivers educational and entertaining customized training based on assessments conducted by a team of professional consultants.

Current Trainings

The current trainings of CGE include:

column1-image1Communicating With Impact

column2-image1Powerful Presentations

column3-image1Organizational Strategic Planning

column1-image2The Art of Networking

column2-image1Community Leadership

column3-image1Personal Strategic Planning

column3-image1Customer Service

GCE also designs tailored training for organizations in the areas of:
Conflict resolution, cultural education, organizational leadership, and developing your emotional intelligence for extraordinary results

Each class is customized for the individual group to ensure that it reflects their organizational culture, mission and values

Classes are offered in English or Spanish.

Each training session is led by a professional, funny, energetic, and dynamic facilitator. GCE ensures a quality experience for each client by understanding their immediate needs as well as incorporating their long-term organizational objectives into the creative process.

GCE is committed to utilizing the most innovative and creative approaches to learning. By constantly updating products and materials and enforcing on-going facilitator education and comedic training, GCE is dedicated to providing the most educational and entertaining learning experiences in the consulting business.

Long-term client relationships are the keys to success of our business.

Communicating With IMPACT

An educational, fun and experiential two day workshop that teaches participants how to most effectively communicate with others. The training explores individual communication styles, change, and utilizing the skills of questioning, listening, and empathy to enhance interaction effectiveness.

Powerful Presentations

An engaging learning experience that focuses on the strengths of each participant to enhance their confidence and hone their speaking skills. This exciting journey is an intensive course that allows for individuals to receive honest and positive feedback while practicing in supportive environment. The session also provides skill building in the areas of:

Overcoming speaking anxiety

Constructing a presentation

Professional facilitation

Audience Analysis



Developing credibility

Persuasive speaking

Action planning

Organizational Strategic Planning

Conducted in a retreat setting, organizational leaders work together to create a strategic plan. The outcome of the retreat will be a detailed road map that communicates your organizations:

  • Strategic priorities
  • Organizational goals
  • Specific objectives
  • Operational strategies
  • Operational strategies
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Implementation time-lines
  • Evaluation mechanisms

The Art of Networking

A two hour workshop that teaches participants how to effectively network and build mutually beneficial relationships with other professionals.

Community Leadership

This seven day course trains business professionals to become effective board members for, and leaders within, non-profit organizations. At the end of the course each participant will have an understanding of:

  • Board functions
  • Board roles and responsibilities
  • Strategic planning
  • Non-profit financial statements
  • Foundations and grants
  • 501C3 status and terms
  • Fund raising and development
  • Mobilizing volunteers
  • Resource development
  • Building effective teams
  • Organizational policies & procedures

  • Matching passion with cause

Personal Strategic Planning

This one day seminar focuses on personal/professional goals, objectives, time-lines, and action planning. Through introspection and teamwork, participants are challenged to prepare a realistic plan in order to make their aspirations become accomplishments.

Customer Service

A comprehensive training program that is designed to enhance an employee’s engagement with clients while providing the highest possible level of service. We customize each program after a thorough assessment has been conducted on an organization’s mission, values, culture, services, employees and customers.

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